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Seminar-Workshop Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media

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Seminar-Workshop Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media , Weiterbildungskurs, 3  Tage, startet am  8 Oktober 2018, Braunschweig



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Grinding and dispersing with stirred media mills represent important process steps in many branches of industry. The knowledge of physical phenomena inside the mill and industrial applications have significantly increased in the last 15 years.

This course gives an overview about the current mill design available on the market and about the the physical phenomena of grinding and dispersing in stirred media mills. In this course participants will be trained how this knowledge can be used for the design and optimization of grinding and dispersing processes. Furthermore , process models describing the grinding process in stirred media mills will be presented as well as their use in practice.

Moreover, the effect of important operating parameters on the grinding and dispersing result as well as the transport behaviour and operating modes of stirred media mills will be presented. Last but not least, design aspects of stirred media mills as well as questions of scale-up will be discussed.


Introduction: Mill types and particle size analysis
Fundamentals: Influence of operating parameters, optimization of grinding operations, application of process models - design and optimization
Operation of Stirred Media Mills: Transport behaviour, operation mode, grinding media wear
Scale-up: Methods of scale-up, application examples

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